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History of Music in the world that is rarely knownHistory of Music in the world that is rarely known

History of Music in the world that is rarely known

Music is an option to accompany some people’s daily activities. For the meaning of music is the chanting of sounds arranged in such a way as to create a melody containing the rhythm and song lyrics accompanied by several accompanying musical instruments. Music fans themselves are liked by many people until it reaches 99% of the world’s human population, but do you know the history of the formation of music?

Well, on this occasion, we will provide information about music from its history, music genres, and types of music from year to year. Curious about how the journey of music is created in the world? Check out the following reviews.

The Beginning of Music

┬ČThe history of the beginning of music was created, namely in the 2nd century and in the third century BC. At that time, music was used as accompaniment during the ancient human ceremonies. However, along with the development of music, now music has become a very influential art in the market. The development of music is also divided into several eras, including:

  • Medieval
    In this era, roman work was over, to be precise, in 476 AD and music was used as an accompaniment to carry out ceremonies. Several hundred years later, music developed both from writing and the basics of music theory pioneered by Guido d ‘Arezzo in 1050 AD. Apart from Guido, there are also several artists who develop music, namely Gullanme Dufay who comes from France, and Adam de la halle who comes from Germany. To be clearer, at this time music was still formed from only rhythmic chanting and did not have song lyrics like today.
  • Renaissance
    The Renaissance was the era of rebirth of a level of culture that had been lost due to Roman times. In this day and age, some music already has lyrics, be it about romance, or national songs. In this era there are also several musical instruments that have been played, namely the Piano and Organ. With the emergence of these two musical instruments, several musical instruments were born which were used to accompany the Opera art which was currently trending. At first glance, Opera is the art of drama theater accompanied by music.
  • Baroque and Rakoko traditions
    After the Renaissance era, of course, the development of music is progressing every year. This rapid progress gave birth to music with baroque and rakoko styles. The two streams of music both use ornamentic decoration, the difference between the two streams is if the baroque flow is ornamentic spontaneously while the flow of Rakoko is ornamental by making arrangements beforehand or not spontaneously. At this time there were several composers who played an important role in the development of music at this time, namely Johan Sebastian Bach and George Fredrick Haendel.
  • Clasic flow
    After the flow of baroque and rakoko, a new genre of classic music was born. The flow of this music is more directed towards musical instruments, especially the piano at that time. From this period, several composers who were influential in the world of music were born, including Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky, and other composers.

Types of World Music Genres

After the era of classical music, music began to be reborn with several genres that were carried out like the modern era today. Here we will provide information about several music genres in the world.

  • Jazz
    Jazz music is music that was born from a combination of music genres, namely the blues ragtime genre and European music. Jazz music was first introduced in America with a combination of several musical instruments that resulted in new musical rhythms. Since the launch of this music genre, the Jazz music genre has been in great demand by many people because this music genre is very elegant and seems classy. Some of the musicians who influenced the development of Jazz music were Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker.
  • Gospel
    Gospel music genre is a rhythmic chant which is dominated by vocal sounds and is usually used during Christian worship events.
  • Blues
    Blues is a music genre originating from the Aftrika community and the American people which was introduced to the world in 1910. This type of music is very fun to listen to and has a lot of character when compared to other music. Some of the world’s musicians who have influenced the development of Blues music are Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, and Muddy Waters.
  • RnB
    The type of RNB music is a type of combined music genre from jazz, blues, gospel and pop music genres. RnB stands for Rhythym n Blues which is very popular today. This music genre was introduced to the world in the 1940’s. Some of the singers who influenced the development of RnB were Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Usher, and John Legend as well as many other top musicians.
  • Funk
    The music genre Funk was born to accompany African and American dances. You can usually recognize this type of music from the rhythm that is often cut short and the sound of the guitar with a sharp rhythm, accompanied by the sound of percussion music that has a pleasant impression.
  • Rock
    Rock music is music that uses vocals with howling techniques and the like. The flow of rock music itself has been popular with men since the 1940s and until now this music genre has not been eroded by time. Some of the top bands that have had an impact on the development of rock music are the band Nirvana, The Beatless, Mick Jagger.
  • Metal
    The genre of metal music is actually not much different from rock music, but what distinguishes metal music from rock music is that metal music often uses loud and screaming sounds. This music genre is also divided into two, namely heavy metal and black metal. Some bands that are successful with the Metal music genre are Metalica, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Slipknot and many more.
  • Electronic
    The electro music genre was first created in the 1950s, precisely when analog electronic music instruments such as synthesizers. The music style of this genre is more like the sound effects given to each electro genre song. The electro genre is also often used in night clubs. Some of the musicians who use this music genre are John Cage and Pierre Schaeffer.
  • Raggae
    Identic Raggae music with clothes in red, yellow and green. This music genre was created as a result of the merger of the RnB music genre and the traditional Jamaican mento music, SKA, and developed again into the Reggae music genre. A musician who is very famous for the characteristic Reggae music genre is Bob Marley.
  • Hip – Hop
    Hip Hop is a genre of music that originates from the eastern part of America. Actually Hip hop is included in the RnB type of music, but this music genre focuses more on Rap or Rapcore.
  • Pop
    Pop music is music from the United States that was created in the 1950s. Currently, pop music is still loved by musicians and has not been eroded by the times. In fact, most bands use the pop music genre.
  • Country
    The country music genre was famous during the Elvis Prasley era. The first development of country music came from the culture of white American society, in the city of Nashville, to be precise. Some of the other top musicians besides Elvis are Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Those are some of the music genres in the world today.

How Music Spreads From Year to Year

The spread of music art in the world is actually not that different from year to year, but there are several ways of spreading music in the world, here is more information:

  • Musical instruments
    At the beginning of the spread of music in the world, music with the classical genre was the first to be released to the mass media. At that time Ludwig van Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin recorded their music in the form of musical instruments and began to be distributed via radio. Until now, their work is still being played frequently, even the classical music genre is believed to be able to make the pregnant fetus have a smarter brain if classical music is played when the mother is pregnant.
  • Solo Vocal
    After the time of the instrument music, a solo vocal was born where a person sings the lyrics accompanied by music. Until now, solo vocals are still often used as a way to market the musicians’ musical art.
  • Group Band
    The way to spread the next music is by forming a band group consisting of several personnel, including the vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and bassist. This way of spreading music through band groups was first used by the band The Beatless in 1957. Until now, group bands are still an alternative way to spread the work of musicians with various musical genres.
  • Boy / Girl Band
    The next option for spreading the music is to form a boy band, which consists of five male / female vocalists. The first boy band to form in the world was Westlife, but at this time, Boyband itself has not been as viral as in recent years. Boy bands became popular when they were introduced by South Korea around 2009. The method of spreading music with boy band groups is currently ineffective because the demand has decreased.

That’s some information about history, music genres in the world. Until here, the information that we can share about music. Hopefully it can add to your insight. That is all and thank you.